Q: What is the site all about?

Ans: The site provides you with the information regarding the deals from various online sites. We partner with these sites to bring the best deals from a number of online portals in the market and put it on the same platform.

Q: How to use the coupons?

Ans: When you click on one of the offers, a code comes up. You need to copy it and paste it into the site from where you are purchasing the product. Make sure you paste the relevant codes corresponding to the site to get the deals.

Q: Are the coupons free?

Ans : Yes, they are free of cost, and there are no hidden charges.

Q: Does the visitor to the site require registering?

Ans: You can avail the coupons even if you are not a registered user. Registering with us has its advantage though, as it gives you regular updates for all the deals that are relevant to you. In this way, you do not miss out on the discounts that these sites provide you.

Q: Is there any registration charge?

Ans: No, the sign up is free. We will require your e-mail id for the purpose.

Q: Will my email be used for sending spams?

Ans: No, we will send you the relevant deals when they arrive at a regular interval.

Q: In the case of complaints regarding the quality of products or a delay in delivery whom should I connect with?

Ans: We intend to provide you the information regarding the offers in various sites. The information is procured from the relevant portals, and we cannot vouch for their relevance or authenticity. In the event of any issues regarding the purchase amount or quality, you need to connect with the merchants.

Q: In the case of queries regarding the site, who should be connected?

Ans: All your questions and suggestions are welcome for the site, and you can email us at our mail id.

Q: What to do when the coupon code is not running on the merchant site?

Ans: The glitch can have many reasons:
There are some special terms and conditions, like it is applicable for some select products.
The coupon has expired.
It has been withdrawn all of a sudden.
You can feel free to connect with us, and we will be happy to help you in this case.